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OVAL Hyperspace Technologies can use the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript techniques to build you a web site which will meet and exceed your vision.

Many of todays web sites are stuck in the stone age with maximum widths of 1024 pixels and are not mobile responsive. These web sites "in a box" have large unused blank margins on either side or become unreadably small on a mobile phone. On a modern high definition monitor this means your design may only be using half the available space!

Many web developers claim to be creating custom designs but are in reality using "out of the box", generic templates designed to accomodate out of date, old, computer screens. Most people accept these "out of a box" limited designs as the "defacto standard". Although sites developed by OVAL Hyperspace Web Technologies can conform and use an "out of a box" style, our goal is to give you a site which stands out, a site you can use and modify yourself, and at a cost you can afford.

Are you paying hundreds of dollars for a custom website which is actually a templated design being used by hundreds of other web sites? Talk to us and let us explain how you can get any web site you can imagine.

OVAL Hyperspace Technologies can do all things "Web".

We can develop unique animations, functionality, forms, database interfaces, custom games, custom graphics, logos, incorporate social media, content management systems and connect your site to the world.

OVAL Technologies provides domain names, web site hosting packages on our own Canadian servers, transfers, migrations, consulting or support to setup your own web server for you, upgrades, modification or troubleshooting of existing web sites, administration of your exisiting web site(s) and provides excellent support to keep you going.

Looking to develop your own web site and want to consult or discuss what is involved? We are always happy to explain how it all works and let you compare and shop around. First and foremost we want you to understand what we can do for you and you will appreciate our commitment to your success.

If you can visualize a web design, OVAL Hyperspace Web Technologies can make it reality. We will push the limitations of visual design and customize a layout which is functional, impressive and maximizes the site to utilize all the space.

OVAL HYPERSPACE WEB TECHNOLOGIES has developed custom code and a unique style which can make your web site stand out amongst the crowd.

Don't get stuck "In the Box"!
Be unique and stand out!

    OVAL Hyperspace web development, hosting and support

OVAL Hyperspace Web Hosting and Programming

OVAL Hyperspace Web Technologies offers web mastering, web site hosting, domain names, databases and email accounts. We provide one on one assistance and are willing to honestly educate our clients on the ins and outs of web development and design. OVAL Hyperspace Web Technologies can set you up with everything you need to have a successful, prominent and unique Online presence. If your looking for a local and friendly Canadian hosting company for a new or existing web site or just have questions about web sites and hosting, than send us an email.

    OVAL Hyperspace web development, hosting and support    

Yearly Fees to Have a Website with OVAL Tech Web Site design, hosting and support

Hosted in Canada on Canadian Servers, best Canadian domain name pricing! Canadian Domain name ( .ca )
$19.95 /yr
Commercial Domain name ( .com )
$39.95 /yr
Basic OVAL Tech Hosting Package
500MB Storage 5 email accounts 2 Databases
$8.75 /mo
Standard OVAL Tech Hosting Package
1GB Storage 15 email accounts 2 Databases
$9.99 /mo
Medium OVAL Tech Hosting Package
2.5GB Storage 25 email accounts 2 Databases
$14.95 /mo
OVAL Tech Full Web Site Help and Support
$85.95 /yr
Get your own domain, email and hosting for less than:
$12/ Month
SPECIAL: A domain name, email, 1 yr of hosting and a finished web site:

Custom Web Site Development Costs

Simple 6 page custom built web site
Database driven web site. Like a blog with calender and photo gallery
Custom Database driven web site, with simple access.
Full Custom eCommerce web site, with graphic interface, custom database design, and any further required options.
SEO, Social Media Integration, Custom Coding, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascripts, Consultation, Web Administration, Web Site Migrations, Web Site Recoveries
$60.00/hr cdn

The actual costs always depend on the complexity and unique requirements of each client. OVAL Technologies work with the client throughout the development process, allowing the client to view the program and site as it progresses, so we can meet and exceed expectations. Development costs are up for negotiation, hosting costs are fixed.

Click this link to download a "Basic Web Design Cost Comparison" if your unfamilar with the costs and types of web design available.

  Basic Web Design Cost Comparison

Custom Database Interfaces

These links are some samples of OVAL Hyperspace Web Technologies already Online. These websites showcase some of the current work completed so far. These are custom coded sites utilizing unique graphical interfaces for database access. The sites are using some modern techniques yet are kept straightforward and easy to navigate. Databases are capable of handling large amount of data, such as warehouses, business information, customer tracking or cemeteries providing an excellent solution for securely, quickly and efficiently managing the information. Using a database Online as a web site allows users from anywhere to access and view the information while keeping a standard and secure copy of the information. Any changes made to the data are seen immediately by anyone accessing the database. If a custom online database could fulfill your needs,
contact OVAL HYPERSPACED WEB TECHNOLOGIES     OVAL Hyperspace web development, hosting and support     for a free consultation.

St Matthew Lutheran Church Cemetery Database
Stony Plain

The Stony Plain, St Matthew Lutheran Church hiredOVAL Technologiesto do the database for their two cemeteries. The database for their 79 avenue cemetery in Stony Plain has over 2000 plots with the ability to store 8 interments per plot, so the database can handle up to 16,000 possible interments. There was the need to have an additional cemetery, St Matthew Lutheran Inga in Parkland county, with the ability to easily search both cemeteries by name of the interred. Again a dynamic map was provided for each, which greatly simplifies the data entry, management process and allows the public to readily search and locate relatives or family within the cemetery. Searched locations are highlighted in yellow on the map, so someone can be quickly searched and located within either cemetery. This particular site was integrated into their existing church web site and the styling customized to match.

St Matthew's Lutheran Church Cemetery Database
Spruce Grove

This is another site built upon the graphic map interface to control the database. The St Matthew's Cemetery was impressed with my interface and now they too have a simple system for their record keeping. There have been some improvements and modification made in this version, including the use of actual satellite photographs of the cemetery and links to google maps. There have been improvements made in security, speed and expandability. Each of these cemetery interfaces provides a login, which the caretakers can use to access a management page for all the data in the cemetery database. Here you can add, change, delete and otherwise modify the information recorded for each interment. In most cases this is as simple as clicking that plot on the map, changing the information, and clicking save. The management page provides a means to print the information out in a black and white, hard copy form for record keeping purposes.

I was looking for my aunt & uncle, and cousins at the cemetery website. It was very easy to find the location of the graves of my uncle & aunt. Thanks for making this so simple to find.

Yours truly,

Heatherdown Cemetery Database

This website was created with a dynamic graphic interface for a cemetery database. The Heatherdown United Church and Cemetery wanted a way to easily control their record keeping. The cemetery map is dynamically drawn based on data from the database, so searches and status of each plot can be readily displayed and accessed. Simply putting the cursor over a plot will show the information. The interface makes the data much more accessible and easier to verify.

Custom Web Development

ENS Environmental Services
Stony Plain

This is an example of the Special $399.00 Website package OVAL Technologies offers. This is a single page wordpress site created for ENS Environmental Services in Stony Plain, Alberta. They did not have an online presence previously and now have a great website, links to their Google site, greatly improved search ranking and integration with their Facebook profile.

360 Siding
Stony Plain

This is a single page wordpress site created for 360 Siding in Stony Plain, Alberta. They lost the access to their original hosting and OVAL Technologies was able to help them recover access to their domain, get their hosting transfered and set up this beautiful new web site for them. We discussed improving their online presence and some SEO which greatly improved their search engine rankings.

St Matthew's Lutheran Church
Spruce Grove

The St Matthew's Lutheran Church hired OVAL Technologies to do the web site for their church. This site incorporates a blog type functions, but with a cleaner and simpler interface more suited to the needs of the church. The emphasis was on simplicity, ease of use and access to the information. The back end will provide a simple way to manage this information. By keeping the site simple, people have no trouble finding what they need, and it is much easier for people to manage in order to keep the information up to date. With the option to control the event schedule, upload their newsletter and manage a photo gallery, this met there needs and budget. You can see the photo gallery incorporates a modification of the InfoDance code example below.

Wedding RSVP Site

This is a wedding site with a gift idea registry and simple RSVP form. The link and an access password are given in the wedding invitations allowing invited guests to use the site to RSVP. The RSVPs are sent to an email, listing whether the guest are attending or not attending as well as the number in their party if attending, right in the subject of the email. A simple gift idea list is provided to make sure the wedding party does not receive duplicate gifts. This simple RSVP form is suitable for weddings which do not want to use the more complicated corporate registries which involve account creations and limit the guest to buying from specific companies. Please contact OVAL Technologies if you would like to purchase this code or would like something similar for your own wedding. The site can be easily customized to suit your particular needs.

User Detection, Geolocation, Video and Audio Streaming

This simple web page demonstrates some very advanced features available to web developers utilizing the new HTML 5 technologies. Developers have access to a wide variety of information about their visitors, including browser sensing, geolocation ( determining the users location ), and even access to the users built in camera and microphone. Such access is commonly used for tracking and statistical analysis of site visitors.

Furthermore the new css styling specification gives developers and incredible array of design freedom. You will appreciate the high tech look and feel of this site.

Please be aware OVAL Space Technologies does not nor has not ever used cookies, or tracked user information. This site is only a demonstration and does not record or store the displayed information in a way whatsoever. Privacy is important to freedom.

Whois lookup by OVAL Tech

This is a functional whois lookup using a very simple one page design. The lookup uses some third party code, but the functionality has been improved to show the country flag in the lookup, and to do a reverse at the same time.

TR3 Energy Inc. Demo Site

This is a demonstration site utilizing some of the new and exciting features of HTML5. The site is fully dynamic, mobile ready, allows user editing, is backwards compatible, and adjusts to all screen resolutions and devices. The advertisements use flash but otherwise there is no flash used. There is a management backend which the end user can log into, in order to upload new gallery images and adjust some of the features of the site. The login is disabled in this demonstration. The moving dirt animation, is a canvas animation which can be stopped and started by clicking it.

TR3 Energy Inc.

This is a sample of some older liquid, web design work. One of my very first designs. Liquid HD( high definition ), means the website will display fullscreen up to 1920 x 1280 resolution and dynamically resize all elements to best fit the users screen size. This is done entirely in XHTML and Javascript. There is no flash or other plugins used. Flash is completely failing to make use of these higher screen resolutions, which is why most flash websites are confined to a fixed box on large screens.


Revenge of the Ropa - Mini Zelda

All Images and Sounds for this Demo Copyright of Nintendo.

The purpose of this game was to simulate some of the well know play elements of the Zelda - A Link to the Past game as a demonstration of my Javascript coding abilities. The sprites and sound clips are all copyright of Nintendo and no infringment is intended. This game is a demonstration of some advanced HTML 5, javascript, audio element and canvas element game design techniques including multiple sound clips which can overlap, use of sprites, state management, collision detection using masks, and multiple object creation. The code running this game was written entirely by hand in Notepad++. Some bugs may exist, especially with the notorious audio element in HTML5, and further enhancements and refining of this code may come in the near future. The game works but has not been fully optimized and some quick hacks were used occasionaly. This code was done completely by scratch, byOVAL Technologiesalone, for free over a few days.

OVAL Technologies hope you enjoy this small demo and are encouraged to purchase the orginal from Nintendo. Zelda - A Link to the Past is considered one of the greatest games of all time.

Purchase the full game from Nintendo here:

Nintendo - A Link to the Past

To play the game:

Z - Use the sword once you find it.
X - Action or Pickup stuff.
<- -> Arrow Keys to move around.

You can find the power gloves and a sword to kill the Ropas. You cannot jump off ledges, kill enemies with thrown objects or do the spin attack.
In this demo there are some cheats: L - will give you more life. R - will make more enemies. K - will kill all the enemies. It can be done without any cheats.

Do you have "The Right Stuff"?

Your mission is to pilot the Saturn 5 rocket into orbit.

Sounds simple, but without some Rocket Science 101 you probably will not survive.

A simple browser based game, called "The Right Stuff" using the new HTML 5 browser specification and the canvas and audio elements. This game is done entirely in XHTML and Javascript using the new HTML 5 Canvas and Audio Elements. The game borrows off of a similar flash game called 'Rocket Robin', but this program has the potential to orbit and escape the Earth's gravity. In the future, you should be able to go all the way to the moon, land and return to Earth. Sounds fun to me. There is no flash or other plugins used, which is the advantage of HTML 5. This beta will work in updated browsers such as Internet Explorer 9, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

Ant Master - Neural Ants

This is a game where you can watch some artificially intelligent ants learn to find food. The ants actually have a brain, composed of a neural network, and must learn to find food. When first started, the ants are not very smart, but over time will learn how to accomplish their goal of finding food. There is some further work going into this project to try to improve the game and make it more interesting. The goal is to give the ants the ability to dig tunnels and to fight other ants for the food. If you are interested in learning neural networks and the code behind this game, the game was ported to Javascript from a C++ windows program called "Smart Sweepers" originally authored by Matt Buckland. So this is a Javascript neural network code and is very processor heavy.

Conway's Game of Life

This is Conway's Game of Life written in javascript and using the new HTML 5 canvas element. The Game of Life is a cellular automaton game where you set the initial conditions and then let it run. Some amazing and complex systems can be created using the Life algorithm. There are some links and instruction on the Game of Life page.

Does Not

Other Ongoing Projects

No Wordpress Email

This is a plugin OVAL Technologies worked on to change the default sending address Wordpress sends email as.

Download the No Wordpress Email Plugin


This was the original code which was developed into a full feature, user managable photo slide show for web sites.

This project was developed for the need to have a custom coded and easily modified slideshow for client's websites. The program features a custom coded, secure login portal, the ability to manage users, upload, modify, and delete photos, and even add text and titles to the slide show. The text can be turned on or off. This is all done with full AJAX responsiveness, so the management of the slideshow is extremely quick and intuitive.

Although this Demo project page is not very stylish or fancy, the code is easily changed to match the style of any existing site, and can be changed and modified as required to reproduce any slide show type a user may require. You can see an example of SpaceShow running on the St Matthew's Lutheran Church Web Site See SpaceShow applied to a real site.

You can try the basic SpaceShow demo here, to see how easy it is to upload and manage photos using this application.

Try SpaceShow Demo

Simply click the LOGIN button on the SpaceShow demo to be connected as a guest to try the various features. Feel free to upload an amazing picture for all to see.

Neural Ants

A technical paper I wrote on Neural Networks Ant Intelligence. Programming Simple Neural Networks in C++
This program demonstrates real artificial intelligence on your own computer. You can watch some ants learn how to find food over time.

The full source code for the Neural Ants program :Download as Zip File( OpenSource )

This program has been now ported to a javascript web based version! Click Here to see it in action or visit the my Games page in the Portfolio tab for more information.

Link to download Neural Ants program
Download as Zip File

(windows only version)

Starship Simulator Test Project

This incomplete project was meant to allow you to take control of a virtual starship. Again this web page is liquid HD up to 1920 by 1280 resolution and does not use flash. It demonstrates some javascripts OVAL Technologies coded, and will work in IE and Mozilla so far. The project aim was to reference a database of nearby star systems, and allow the user to choose various types of propulsion systems to travel there. So far I am working independently so the project will progress as time permits. So far you can adjust the throttle and move around a bit, but it has the potential to do so much more.
The commented javascript source code which makes the simulator work Download Script

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